Introducing the new Hotwire

When Hotwire launched in 2000, we built a business that was simple, transparent, resourceful and creative, helping our clients to achieve more with less. We challenged the excesses of the previous era by believing that creativity and innovation couldn’t be measured in dollars alone. It was a mind-set shift that said no hour of effort should be squandered and that talent should be nurtured and trained to help achieve its full potential not treated as an expendable commodity.


Talent, ties, and why FinTech isn’t just about London

Hotwire’s Flick Hudson reports from last week’s UK FinTech Industry Summit.  The members of the first panel of the day at The UK FinTech Industry Summit light-heartedly divided themselves into two camps – those with ties, and those without. All those with, noted that they were from Government, or on their way for a meeting […]


The end of hipsters? Fitbits and Medium

Is it the end of hipsters? How essential is your Fitbit? And what publishing platform is stepping it up? All that and more in This was the week that was.


The rise of Instagram as a marketing tool

Hotwire’s Laura Macdonald considers Instagram as a marketing tool, having noticed that it has become her go-to network far more than the breaking news of Twitter or the mundanity of Facebook.